Cesarean Voices

Various ones of you know me in different ways — neighbor, family, photographer, maker of books and calendars, hot-air balloon pilot, gardener, volunteer at EarthWalk Vermont, adventurer with trips to Greenland, etc.

But how many of you know that for almost 50 years I have been exploring what it means, on many levels, to have been born non-labor cesarean way back in 1942?

I have summarized what I have discovered and now want to give that body of information a new home. I look for people who will be interested in it, who can make it available to others, who will find it useful in the future, and who will build on it in their own unique ways.

Take a look at my “other website” Cesarean Voices at www.cesareanvoices.com 

Please let me know if this interests you and if you can help to give it a new home — My website is paid for thru June 24, 2023, and after then it might dissolve into the ethers if nobody steps up to care for it. It might be the raw material for a book — one I do not have a lot of energy for creating myself.

This painting I made in 1977 was on the cover of my 1985 book, Different Doorway: Adventures of a Cesarean Born.

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