Chuang Tsu — a book that just keeps on going —

After Gia-fu Feng and I created our edition of Tao Te Ching in 1972, we began work on a second book — another Chinese classic, Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters.

It has had several editions with four different publishers:
• Random House in 1974 – the original edition
• Earth Heart 1997 – with many new photos
• Amber Lotus 2002 – a reprint of the Earth Heart edition
• Amber Lotus 2008 – more new photos – printed by mistake on uncoated paper
• Hay House 2014 – more new photos, updated gender-neutral text, and a smaller format.

Soon a fifth publisher, DaoDog Press, publisher of the Tao magazine, The Empty Vessel, will do yet another new edition — stay in touch for updates on this.

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