Life is a Ceremony Calendar


photographs by Jane English
with text from The Ceremony Cards

front cover
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This calendar features photographs of a northern Vermont pond with text excerpts from the book that accompanies The Ceremony Cards, weaving together two places that have great meaning for me — Vermont and Greenland.

The Photographs
The photographs were made at and near Number Ten Pond, part of a chain ofsmall lakes and ponds, in the towns of Calais and Woodbury in northern Vermont.The pond has deep clear waters and is usually the last in the area to freeze over inDecember and the last ice-out in April. Many people who live in nearby communitiestreasure Number Ten Pond as an easy-to-reach bit of semi-wilderness.

Life is a Ceremony . . . in itself worth celebrating with a Ceremony.
Why do we say, “Life is a Ceremony . . .?”
All of life is worth paying attention to, being present in, honoring as being sacred—all of it. How easy it is to forget this and judge some parts as good and some as bad.
And what do we mean by “. . . in itself worth celebrating with a Ceremony?”
Using The Ceremony Cards is itself a ceremony — see the page below for more about thecards. These small ceremonies we perform within the Great Ceremony of Life aretimes to practice that paying attention, that being present, that honoring life asbeing sacred.
In a musical metaphor, using the cards is like practicing scales.The concert happens in the rest of our living.

Jane English, born in 1942, grew up on an old farm in a small town north of Boston, where she ran free in the woods and fields. She attended Mount Holyoke College and received a PhD in physics from the University of Wisconsinin 1970. Her books include Different Doorway: Adventures of a Caesarean Born, Fingers Pointing to the Moon and translations of the Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tsu: Inner Chapters,the two books she collaborated on with Gia-fu Feng, which are illustrated withher black-and-white photographs of nature.
Since 2007 she has “walked with” Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, an Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder whose family belongs to the traditional healers of the Far North from KalaallitNunaat, Greenland. She traveled to Greenland four times, twice in summer and twice in winter.

24 color photos of nature,
9" x 12" wall calendar (18" tall open)
ISBN 978-0-934747-13-4

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