#13 - Geese

It is hard to put words to this image. In the book, Fingers Pointing to the Moon, I gave it a whole page by itself with no words, facing a completely blank page. Make up your own story of what is going on here!

I made the photograph one day during the summer of 1971 when Gia-fu Feng and I were in Vermont working on the Tao Te Ching. I came on this scene near a farmhouse while I was walking on the dirt roads near the house where we were staying. For some reason the only camera I had with me was the little 35mm half-frame camera of Gia-fu's.

I am offering it only as smaller prints both for technical image quality reasons and because I like it best small. It is just one of those funny little images.

Available as a 5"x7" image on 8.5 "x11" paper only

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